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SOLITARY POLLEN BEE NEST Each Bee Nest comes complete with illustrated wrap, full-colour information booklet including installation instructions, USDA bee-friendly plant list, nest log card & adhesive Bee Tube Seals.
Pollen Bee Nests make perfect gifts for gardeners, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to support the natural environment. Armstrong & Blackbury Pollen Bee Nests offer multiple layers of extra protection to solitary, mason and pollen bees against predators and disease.
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Solitary Pollen Bee Nests are constructed from 100% recycled styrene. Material components and packaging are sourced 60% in the U.S.A., 40% in Canada. The nests are designed and assembled in Canada. U.S.A. patent no.8517,793B2. Other patents pending.

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EMERGENCE CHAMBER KIT This kit makes it easy for you to clean your Bee Nests if you wish to. An Emergence Chamber is a slip-on cover that fits neatly onto your Solitary Pollen Bee Nest. It allows new bees to emerge from the bee nest but not return, leaving the nest tubes empty and ready to clean. More info on the Emergence Chamber can be found on our Quick Facts page.

Contents of the Emergence Chamber Kit:
  • 1x Emergence Chamber
  • 1x Reamer Set
  • 1x Cleaning Kit
Contents of the Cleaning Kit:
  • 4x Pipe Cleaners
  • 1x package of Miticide
  • 1x New Decal for the original nest exterior
  • 1x Strip of 20 Bee Dots to cover the tubes
  • 1x Detailed Emergence Chamber instructions
  • 1x Nest Log

Download Emergence Chamber info and cleaning instructions (pdf) here.

All prices include shipping, handling and taxes.

1 Emergence Chamber Kit AND 1 Nest includes 1 nest, 1 chamber, 1 reamer set & 1 cleaning kit.

2 Emergence Chamber Kits includes 2 chambers, 1 reamer set & 2 cleaning kits.

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