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Constructed and tested to be attractive and useful, our mason bee nests are specifically designed to safely harbour gentle pollen bees– like mason bees and other native bees– during the most important phase of their life cycle. Built with longevity in mind, our nests are fully assembled and ready to use. The proprietary volcanic rock filler keeps the nest dry and helps protect the bees from common predators.
Native bees are non-aggressive and tend to retreat if disturbed. Bringing these essential pollinators to your garden is safe and natural, an easy way to protect the environment and sustain your garden plants at the same time.
No amount of water or fertilizer will result in a lush garden unless solitary native bees (like the mason bee) are there to pollinate your flowers and vegetables. Help the bees, devastated by disease and habitat loss, by giving them a safe home and you'll reap the reward of a lush and healthy garden while making a truly positive difference in your local ecosystem.
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Mason Bee Nest

It's easy! Place a few Solitary Mason/Pollen Bee Nests around your garden in early spring or summer. Add some of the plants on the USDA plant list (included with your Mason Bee Nest) and some native wild flowers if possible. Now watch for the gentle, solitary bees. Be patient; it sometimes takes the bees a few weeks to locate the nest. It's fascinating (and educational!) to follow the progress of your native bee life-cycle, knowing that you are providing the bees with vital support in the form of a safe haven.

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